Song Video : Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

According to the Stars himself bohemian rhapsody is the best song in the world ever created. No matter how much you hear it, then you'll play it again. It may only be matched by the best Michael Jackson songs and songs from the album The Beatles.

We know the Queen frontman Freddy Mercury often create songs with odd keys. But especially for bohemian rhapsody she made this song to be so strange and so the mystery. Sometimes he declared in the name of Allah Bismillah but then even pronounce the name of the devil Beelzebub.

Additionally bohemian rhapsody is also peppered with spells, term or historical characters such as: Scaramouche (cowardly lot of talking), Figaro (dance) Fandango (dance), Mama Mia (greeting happy / surprised), Galileo (Scientists from Italy) and Magnifico (probably magnets).

Here are some opinions that try to uncover the mystery of the lyrics in the song bohemian rhapsody, an extraordinary work of vocalist Freddy Mercury Queen:

1. From the beginning lyrics of the song, it can be said of this mystery is about the poor people who kill people. As a result he was sentenced and then write a message to his mother. But he asked for forgiveness on the basis of poverty, he wants to punish not only the people of God.

2. Same as above but this time people were told in the queen's best song he has killed even evasive. By using the term street: "dancing" (will you do a fandango). Even the alleged actions result Beezelbub trap of Satan.

3. Just like 2 paragah above. But these people do not want to be pitied, you can find meaning in the lyrics "I need no sympathy". And then he chanted prayers even death in order to escape punishment.

4. Bohemian rhapsody song tells the story of Freddy Mercury itself. Lyrics to "just killed a man" can also mean to kill himself. Perhaps this fear vocalist Queen of the fact he is gay, which in the 70's can be executed.

5. But there are some also who say, song lyrics that contain a million mystery was created just to match the music alone. Or in other words there is no meaning at all.

This is an official Video For Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Title : Bohemia Rhapsody
Artist : Queen
Writer(s) : Freddy Mercury