Song Video : Noah - Separuh Aku

This is all just my opinion you know, fill in the story seems to Ariel, but it is as if a love triangle. I hear over and over again and there is not get enough .. 

In my opinion, it was the song "Separuh Aku" is David and Ihsan to Ariel, lead singer NOAH Band. Described in the song, how they were the personnel of the former Peterpan, Ariel can not leave, they were so patient waiting for Ariel released from prison for 3 years. While all the blasphemous, insulting, cursing and cursing Ariel but they still download support. They are loyal to see him. In addition, the intricacies of romance Ariel since entering prison, left her boyfriend and another complicated love story.

After all, too, all personal Ariel Peterpan so loyal and waiting for it to be free. Without Ariel, it like a boat without captain. They are lost direction and spinning in circles. There was something missing, namely the presence of very stars. Motor without the machine still can not walk. I wonder what the power of Ariel. He was so strong impact, plus at large him from prison, all country music fans awaiting breakthrough song that will be thrown into the market from this band. He said the 16th of September 2012 will be lauching new album NOAH Band.

This song has just published via youtube, already almost 2 million hits visitor. It is remarkable, how longing country music fans with quality work like the old days of the 90s that debuted as Kla Project, Gigi, Dewa and others that are not boy / girl band from the form.

"Semua lukamu tlah menjadi milikku, karena separuh aku dirimu" as if to declare that they are all one entity, one soul, one mind, one body, which is now named "NOAH Band"

This is an Official Video for Noah - Separuh Aku

Title     : Separuh Aku
Artist   : Noah
Writer(s)  : David & Ikhsan