Song Video : Fatin X Factor Indonesia - Grenade

Fatin Shidqia Lubis a teen participant X Factor auditions Indonesia also has been discussed in the paper a few days ago in Sniper now has worldwide techno. Because her video audition on X Factor Indonesia event a few days ago many viewed through Youtube, now surprisingly been entered on the official website of world famous singer Bruno Mars.

As it is known that Fatin Shidqia at X Factor auditions in Indonesia is the song titled Grenade which is also one of the hits of Bruno Mar - Fatin sound so extraordinary seems to have been to impress upon the management team Bruno Mars, so the video audition has now been incorporated official profiles on Bruno Mars

In the Youtube site itself, Fatin Shidqia Lubis audition video has been viewed over 500 thousand times. While similar videos uploaded by different people is now being widely circulated on Youtube with attendance ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of people.

The news regarding the inclusion of Fatin Shidqia audition video on the official website of Bruno Mars is certainly one of the proud achievement for the participant X Factor Indonesia. Of the many singing contests organized by the television in Indonesia, only this time it is received appreciation from the musicians of the world, especially one of the famous musicians such as Bruno Mars. Congratulations to Fatin Shidqia.

To see a video audition Fatin Shidqia Lubis Bruno Mars on the site can click through the following link here.

This is an Youtube Video for Fatin - Grenade

Title : Grenade
Artist : Fatin Shidqia Lubis
Writer(s) : -

Song Video : Adele - Someone Like You

"Someone Like You" is the album 21 that enhanced the popularity of Adele. Hits were taken from the singer's own love story. The lyrics talk about the breakup Adele with a man, who had been his secret name.

Many fans wondered Adele, who he had broken her heart heavy. However, Adele insists closed meetings. But recently the identity of the man gradually revealed. He allegedly named Alex Sturrock, a photographer.

Adele and Sturrock love affair around 2008 to 2009. "It was a very intense period for them. They met as usual and then close to each other. Adele He took a photo at any time, from time to time," a source told Femalefirst.

Adele also hired 31-year-old man as his personal photographer during a concert tour in the United States. They shared a room. "Adele relies on him. He was a friend and lover for Adele., And Sturrock was fiercely protective of Adele," said the source.

Unfortunately, even though they've lived together, Sturrock repudiate Adele as her lover. That is apparently incised wound in the hearts of 23-year-old singer. "Adele is quite hurt by it, but still do not want any Sturrock frills word 'girlfriend' in their relationship," he said. The couple is believed to be split in mid 2009. And so was born the song is Someone Like You.

Artist : Adele
Write(s) : Adkins, Wilson

Song Video : One Direction - Up All Night

At that time I was quite curious, when opened on I-Tunes chart, the peak position is filled by a group called One Direction with their album UP ALL NIGHT. Finally, within three days ago say successful release with the album's curiosity.

UP ALL NIGHT is the debut album from British boyband, One Direction. The album was released in late 2011 in the UK and March 2012 in the United States. With this album, One Direction successfully recorded history as the first British musician, who successfully topped the Billboard 200 chart for the first album. Achieving a successful beat The Beatles and Adele. Thirteen color the album's songs with the hits singles "What Makes You Beautiful.

"I wanna stay up all night / And find a girl and tell her she's the one".
Opened with a voice synthesizer, the song that has a fast enough tempo tells about finding a mate at a party. The lyrics are very young become a weapon in this song. Beat of drums and the rhythm of the voice synthesizer adds a spirited song, and this is the background of the title song was chosen as the title of their debut album boyband fronted Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

This is an Official Video for Song Video : One Direction - Up All Night

Title : Up All Night
Artist : One Direction
Writer(s) : Kotecha, Matt Squire

Song Video : Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

Justin Bieber recently talked about how he defines his new single, Boyfriend are going to be the front track new album, Believe. The star was also stated that the song sounds different than usual is a song Justin puberty or maturity themselves.

As we know, Justin is well known since the age of 15 years when it appears on Youtube. Releasing his first album, My World, Justin could be said to be high vocal because he has not been through during puberty. But after going through puberty when he released the song Never Say Never, Justin realized that he had to immediately change the tempo of the singing.

As quoted from an interview with DJ Justin Duran of Popcrush, Justin admits that he wants to show in a song that he had grown up. "We want to grab people's attention and I know my songs all high tempo and we want to reduce slightly tempo and show to everyone that I can grow and thrive." said Justin.

Justin is 18 years old and that means his right to be a little change of musical style RnB soul, although not completely eliminate his trademark.

Title : Boyfriend
Artist : Justin Bieber
Writer(s) : Justin Bieber