Song Video : Guns N Roses - November Rain

Who would have thought behind the beauty of the song titled November Rain video created by Guns N Roses have lots of mystery in it ...

Here's the story:
Starting from Axl Rose woke from his nightmare and then went to the church to carry out an elaborate wedding (here played by a female model beautiful model Stephanie Seymour). In this video turns out this woman is a woman who is close also with Slash. Axl initial meeting with this woman happened in a bar. Axl Slash fondle the woman's presence. Then Axl roses wedding took place with the woman. As a loyal friend and a true rocker at heart so Slash still stay cool and attended the wedding. Even so special about Slash that gives the ring to the priest in a wedding. There is quite clearly a disappointment Slash when two couples are allowed to kiss. Seen with the release of Slash away from the wedding hall. Interestingly, when the bride and groom in a car, a woman is like looking for a Slash, with a face full of anxiety. This proves that she still has feelings important to Slash. After that the wedding took place. The reception went smoothly until the rain made a mess of the party.

Why the rain drops suddenly and then she dies?
According to the director making this video, the woman committed suicide. Due to the very high mental pressure which she could not choose between Slash with Axl. You may have missed a small detail for clues to answer a suicide shot. Watch the video again, and give special attention to the coffin. Try to see the side of her face that is furthest away from the camera. Is that ...? Yes, there was a mirror there. Mirror cut to shape and attached to the lid of a coffin to give the illusion of this woman all the parts there, so essentially mirrors to cover the left side of her face is that there bullet scars. So the mirror seolah2 show that she is in one piece. Then why suicide shooting scene not shown? yes no more just to make people wonder. Why the rain could keep the woman died, but the real story is the woman committed suicide. Had nothing to do with the rain (a very intelligent director I think)
Despite the fact (of the fictional events, not the actual film) there is extensive trauma to the side of his face.

Title : November Rain
Artist : Guns N Roses
Writer(s) : Axl Rose