Song Video : The Eagles - Hotel California

Surely we memorized or at least heard of the legendary song from The Eagles this. The song exploded in May 1977, topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the week. The song was also ranked # 49 of The 500 Greatest Song of All Time by Rolling Stones magazine. Part of his guitar solo was ranked the 8th Top 100 Guitar Solos by Guitar Magazine. Same titled album has sold 16 million copies since its release. No doubt, this song is legendary.

You can see and understand the lyrics. Probably the first thought that springs to mind is, this is the story of the play that again on the way, then tired and stopped at the "Hotel California". From here began to appear strange and so on and so forth. But you know that this song is also controversially interpreted about the Church of Satan of Anton LaVey. I'm not going to talk about what is church of satan that is outside the context of this paper, but the reasons I just mentioned interpretation.

This is the reason :
* The Eagles is an anagram of "gales (of) heet" which means winds of hell.
* In 1969 a hotel on California Street, San Francisco converted into a church of Satan by Anton LaVey.
* "They stab it with their Steely knives, but they just can not kill the Beast," shows the power of demons (beast).
* "You can check out at any time you like, but you can never leave" and "We are all just prisoners here of our own device." Implying a member church of satan oath binding.
* And the most creepy is the emergence of Anton LaVey in cover album

However Don Henley confirmed in the Daily Mail "It was really about the excesses of American culture and certain girls we knew. But it was also about the Uneasy balance between art and commerce "

It was explained that the theme behind the lyrics of this song is the decadence of the music industry in Los Angeles is described as a "prison" in the passage of the artists lyrics "We are all just prisoners here of our own device." And finally can not get out "You can check out at any time you like, but you can never leave ". That clearly says Don Henley, this song is not told about the church of satan, the hotel is literally named "Hotel California" or about a mental hospital. It is all about symbols.

About whether or not, no one ever knows except the creator of his own material. Believe it or not believe it was up to each. Or it may be better just let it be, a mystery. As the saying goes magic: "Good song has many Interpretations".

Sorry, we can't find the official video for The Eagles - Hotel California
But this is the eagles live video with picture and sound quality is quite good. I hope you enjoy it...

Title : Hotel California
Artist : The Eagles
Writer(s) : The Eagles