Song Video : Oasis - Wonderwall

According to many versions state that the song was written by Noel to praise His girlfriend at the time, Meg Matthews. Noel comparing Meg with a poster of a pop star schools were on the wall for men. However, when Q MAGAZINES confirmed on Noel, Noel replied that this song is taken from the imagination of the existence of an imaginary friend who would come and save him.
This song is the first single OASIS in the United States and is the country's most successful hit
Originally this song will be sung by Noel, but he divert his brother, Liam.
When the song was performed live acoustic, Noel somehow always use Fender guitars Gibson guitars than hers.
Titles beginning of the song is "Wishing Stone"
Radiohead had made ​​the cover of this song, but Thom Yorke, Radiohead's lead singer, made ​​a lot of mistakes when singing this song.

This is an Official Video for Oasis - Wonderwall

Title : Wonderwall
Artist : Oasis
Writer(s) : Noel Gallagher