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Amazing! Video "Gangnam Style" from rapper Psy Korea became the most popular YouTube videos of the world. As of this writing, the video has been watched approximately 510,412,793 viewers or viewers. That is just for the official video, because for version Gangnam Style feat Hyuna has witnessed 100 975 928 viewers, and a live version of Gangnam Style (Comeback Stage) has been witnessed 98,295,625 viewers. Not to mention the video "mock" Gangnam Style a la Britney Spears has been viewed about 37 million viewers.
Videos uploaded on YouTube since July 15, 2012, was the first video to reach 500 million viewers in just three months. On 20 September, Gangnam Style recorded in the Guinness World Records as the Most Liked Video in Youtube History. Songs Gangnam Style also occupied the position on the iTunes Charts in 31 countries, including the United States, Britain, Australia, and Canada.

Globally the most watched video on Youtube is still held by the Justin Bieber through the song Baby (feat Ludacris) visits 756 741 411 spectators. Then followed by Jennifer Lopez, On The Floor (feat Pitbull) viewed 568,287,446 viewers. Gangnam Style in third, and most likely will be able to get rid of the position of Jennifer Lopez music video.

Gangnam Style has swept over K-Pop culture has also been globalized. We must congratulate Korea, because of their creative pop culture has become a global trend. On 12 September 2012, Times Square, New York, filled with thousands of people who imitate the wobble flash mob "horseback riding" in Gangnam Style. The same thing also happened in front of Obelisco de Buenos Aires National Monument, Argentina. Mass and spontaneous flash mob is also happening in Paris, London, Sydney to Jakarta on car free day (09/09/2012). To be sure, Gangnam fever has worldwide and made everyone want to emulate.

Gangnam Style
For your information only, that the American Psy fans are 47 percent. So there is a joke, if the candidate wants to win the U.S. Presidential elections in November next, he must follow mimicked wobble Gangnam. Good music to the ear combine hilarious dance that easily copied is the right formula to sell a song. And because social media are supported, such as YouTube, are increasingly echoing waves.

This proves the role social media is huge. In a period of 30 days, which download video clips Psy, 131 million people. It's faster than Michael Jackson's fame. Try to imagine, in just 30 days, Psy is known all over the world. This is a rare phenomenon.

In Indonesia, it's really been a lot of singers who try to appear to wobble funny and weird, but why then, the class just stop at the local, not global like Psy-owned wobble? Actually, it's a matter of choreography, people no longer think about the quality, which is important he can appear "different from the others".

"Other than the others" need not be original, but able to integrate with the new stuff. For music lovers, writers from the beginning has been to equate the intro music and the flash mob in Gangnam style similar to the style of electro hip hop duo LMFAO in the music video "Party Rock Anthem", which distinguishes, intro music LMFAO overly pegged to the rhythm of hip hop grip "aspiring sense of "American. Well, Psy able to create a rhythm and a more global flash mob as more stomping.

Gangnam Style presented Psy aka Park Jae-Song, overturned as K-Pop world that has been dominated by boysband and girlsband containing singers are beautiful girls or the guys with the makeup of a typical hair. Park Jae-Song just does not represent them. He looks more like a comedian, and brought the dance 'rocking horse ride' or invisible horse dance Gangnam aka Style, Psy able to steal the public's attention from its predecessor. Its popularity outside of Korea is shocking. So the Korean people even commented, "We've got guys and girls in saucy saucy-girlsband boysband and trying to penetrate the U.S. market with K-Pop, but they gained little success. Successful Psy But why?"

In contrast to the theme song sung boysband K-Pop in general, Psy makes the phenomenon of the nouveau riche in the region of origin, Gangnam, as the theme song. It became the main attraction. Style Gangnam song contains a satire and criticism for the luxuries that exist in the Gangnam area. Gangnam is a region located in the south of the Han River in Seoul, known as the "Beverly Hills" of his Korea. "I describe Gangnam as normal areas in the daytime, but at night seemed crazy," said Psy.

Video clips Gangnam Style scene thick with humor. Music, lyrics and choreography created Psy own. For K-Pop artist, there are actually not ordinary singers write their own songs as well as the creation of the choreography. And Psy has proved he has incredible talent, as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and even producer. Psy has become a phenomenon, and it is believed that the shortage is not to be changed, but it dikreasikan to be something unique. So, if you typically look beautiful and handsome Korean singer, then you will see something different from Psy.

Anyway, in public Psy looks comfortable with herself. "Be funny but not stupid," she said. He came out of the grip that held K-Pop singer before. When groups of K-Pop trying to enter Western markets by singing songs that they think will like Westerners, Psy look like what he wants. Psy admitted that he actually made a video song, dance, and music to the Korean people. Therefore, in the midst of a uniform K-Pop, Psy really unexpected appearance.

So, what lessons should we take? Korea managed to change the stigma that pop culture is not only coming from the West, but also from the East. Koreans take years for the industry to thrive as creative pop now. Of these industries, foreign exchange flows into state coffers South Korea. K-Pop culture would not suddenly appear spontaneously, but a creative process that has been planned for a long time in anticipation of a global economic crisis. They learn and keep learning...

This is an Official Video for PSY - Gangnam Style

Title : Gangnam Style
Artist : PSY aKa Park Jae-Sang
Writer(s) : Park Jae-Sang, Yoo Gun Hyung

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