Song Video : Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

Justin Bieber recently talked about how he defines his new single, Boyfriend are going to be the front track new album, Believe. The star was also stated that the song sounds different than usual is a song Justin puberty or maturity themselves.

As we know, Justin is well known since the age of 15 years when it appears on Youtube. Releasing his first album, My World, Justin could be said to be high vocal because he has not been through during puberty. But after going through puberty when he released the song Never Say Never, Justin realized that he had to immediately change the tempo of the singing.

As quoted from an interview with DJ Justin Duran of Popcrush, Justin admits that he wants to show in a song that he had grown up. "We want to grab people's attention and I know my songs all high tempo and we want to reduce slightly tempo and show to everyone that I can grow and thrive." said Justin.

Justin is 18 years old and that means his right to be a little change of musical style RnB soul, although not completely eliminate his trademark.

Title : Boyfriend
Artist : Justin Bieber
Writer(s) : Justin Bieber